Will losing weight come to the end when you get out of DF Fit camp? No, it’s just a beginning. We have prepared retraining package for our old students. Catering, accommodation and training is included in this two-days and one-night camp and all you need to do is to come on time. The “physical fitness stimulation” retraining plan aims to help post-camp students to adjust physical conditions and stimulate exercise energy storage in the middle of each month as well as improve physique and regain health and energy.

Body Combat

Body combat will help students to improve strength and flexibility and train the endurance at the same time. It could bring students a comprehensive physical fitness adjustment, burning off the calories and shaping muscles. Students will experience the physical and mental challenge of immersion accompanied with dynamic music.


Yoga could increase physical strength and intensity of muscle ligament. Calm down and listen to your breath. Relax yourself and feel the happiness from exercise.

Les mills

Les mills is a kind of passionate aerobic exercise which could help students to improver physical strength, endurance, aerobic ability, coordination, flexibility and agility. It will also help students to maintain physical and mental health.

Retraining time:The second Saturday, Sunday of each month

Conditions:28 days after DF Fit camp and no periodized students.

Note to retraining:Please bring your ID card and toiletries, 2-3 suits of sportswear and sneakers.

Activity bases: Shanghai University of Sports base,Fengxian base, Shanghai,Beijing headquarter base,Huairou base, Beijing,Hangzhou base, Zhejiang,Nanjing base, Jiangsu, Fenghu base, Henan,Chengdu base, Sichuan,Huiyang base, Guangdong,Maoming base, Guangdong,Haikou base, Hainan,Shenyang base, Liaoning,Changshou base, Chongqing,Suwan base,Shilijintan base, Shandong,Wuhan Port base, Hubei

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