DF Fit group is a professional team developed from over ten years scientific practice and innovation. Over 80% of team members gained bachelor’s degree among which there are 5 professors, 3 doctors and 20 masters. Their professional backgrounds are clinical medicine, sports medicine, human sport science, nutrition, pedagogy and sports pedagogy and training, etc.

DF Fit group has the mission of “keep ten billion people away from obesity”, in accordance with professional and rigorous attitude and professionalism of being responsible for client’s health, providing the public with an integrated one-stop health and weight loss management service including “health and physique test”,“sports and nutrition solutions”, “health promotion solution by sports”, etc.

·CHEN Wenhe

Shanghai University of Sports Doctor Supervisor

Founder of DF Fit Technology, chief expert, Director of Shanghai Dianfeng Weight Loss Scientific Institute; member of National Technical Committee on Health Care Service of Standardization Administration of China expert group, chief expert of Weight Lose Branch, China Health Care Association; member of Shanghai “healthy home of obese kids”expert group; member of Shanghai Physiological Society, distinguished expert of Shanghai Citizen Fitness Guidance.

Prof Chen Wenhe graduated from medical school of Fudan university and worked as a clinical surgery for years. He went to Sacamento University in America for further study of exercise physiology later; he has been working on the research of treatment effects of exercise to obesity in Shanghai University of Sports since 1980. He has published over 100 academic thesis and edited and wrote more than 10 treatises. The research achievement of Prof. Chen and DF Fit technique group in exercise and weight loss industry has been wrote into History of Exercise Physiology in China.

·WANG Bing 

Consultant of DF Fit medical expert; Chief Physician, Doctor of Medicine

Wang major in weight loss surgery and has been working on the treatment of

morbidity obesity surgery in recent years. He has accumulated abundant

experience in curing obesity and OSA, obesity and diabetes, metabolic

syndrome and obesity and PCOS. He is working as a member of Chinese

Academy Society of Sleep Medicine,Chinese Medical Doctor Association/ head

of weight loss surgery team, general surgery professional committee of

Shanghai Medicine Association.

·ZHENG Suzhen 

medical expert of DF Fit, professor, master supe

Graduated from medical school of Fudan University, Zhang Suzhen has worked

as resident doctor of pediatrics in Xingping hospital, Shaanxi province, dean of

rehabilitation department in Shanghai University of Sports, chief expert of

Shanghai citizen fitness hotline, rehabilitation clinic director of Shanghai heavy

athletics training center.

She has been mainly working on the prevention and rehabilitation of sport

injury, sport treatment to common chronic disease, burning off calories and

Chinese medicine and health care. She has published over 20 related journals on

domestic core periodicals.

·WANG Yeling 

Shanghai University of Sports, master of sport pedagogy

Over 10 years experiences in burning off calories, national senior nutritionist,

training supervisor of weight control management

·CHEN Jie 

chief nutritionist of DF Fit, Nanjing Sport Institute, master of nutrition

Over 10 years experiences in weight management operation, training

supervisor of weight control management

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