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  • Obesity patients require a higher level of sports safety than normal people because of their special figure and weak sports ability. It is extremely significant to make personalized plans to burn off the calories based on their individual differences.

    Personalized plans to burn off the calories
  • Set up personalized diet plan according to students’ physical condition and objectives of weight loss and meet the standard of timing, quantitative and balanced for camp diet. Inspect retention samples of camp diet and strictly meet the high standards of each tache.

    Reasonable nutrition diet and collocation
  • A professional psychological guidance for weight losing is indispensable because dieters are usually confused by many psychological problems like self-abasement, autism, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, the lack of perseverance, give up easily, treason and grumpy caused by obesity.

    Professional psychological guidance for weight loss
  • “The Physical Activation” retraining plan of is one of the vital taches of DFFIT’s after-sales service system which aims to help each student to adjust their physical condition and boost metabolism to keep fit continuously.

    Free lifelong retraining


  • It’s obvious that exercise is good for health and it’s crucial for students to take a comprehensive exercise risk evaluation before they start to exercise to lose weight. DFFIT insists on professional and comprehensive exercise risk evaluation.

    Exercise Risk Evaluation
  • The obese who participate in weight loss camp and weight loss summer camp will take a comprehensive medical test. Moderate to severe obesity patients will be asked to take extra special medical tests like OSA breath test, Color Doppler Ultrasound, Exercise Tolerance Test, etc.

    Comprehensive medical test
  • Participants are required to take a comprehensive fitness test including fitness, physical conditions and quality test to evaluate their health condition synthetically which could provide scientific evidence for weight loss plans before they start to exercise and loss weight.

    Healthy Physical Fitness test
  • DF Fit Scientific Institute has published many treatises in sports and weight loss like 300 Questions of Sports and Weight Loss, Fitness and Exercise Prescription, participating in the editing of A Guidance of Prevention and Cure of China Fatty Liver, publishing over 140 academic thesis and scientific achievements among which there are 6 SCI journals since its establishment.

    DFFIT Scientific Institute

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