DF Fit has developed “5D weight loss education system” by using excellent physical education resource and organically combined weight loss concept of “sports+ nutrition + psychology+ ethology” advocated by WHO (World Health Organization). DF Fit helps students to extricate from the troubles of obesity through 5 dimensions of mindset, goal, method, stimulation and action and improve their physical fitness comprehensively.

  • Psychological contract

    Observe the rules and regulations of training camp and finish each training exercise to face up to training life actively.

  • Goal management

    Set weekly goals and monthly goals and review achievement state regularly. Adjust your direction by Summary and reflection.

  • Scientific weight loss

    Help students to loss weight and form a healthy diet lifestyle. Make students master the method of weight loss for a life time.

  • Material and honor reward

    The champion of weight loss will be awarded a big material and honor reward which would make weight loss more motivated.

  • Time management

    Work out plans for students. Take actions first and refuse procrastination no matter in daily life and the weight loss process.

DF Fit has newly developed “2h+2h+1.5h” training model on the premise of ensuring scientific health to improve the efficiency of burning calories and guarantee an ideal weight loss effect. Based on 15-year’s scientific weight loss experience and tens of thousands of students’ weight loss big data, DF Fit has developed 4 major curriculum systems: setting-up exercise to improve coordination, aerobic exercise to guarantee weight loss effect and boost heart and lung functions, strength training to increase muscle and keep in shape, relaxing and stretching courses to recover.


A comprehensive inspection of obesity physique

F Fit will work out personalized exercise and weight loss plans for students based on an integrated health questionnaire, omnibearing physique test (BMI/ blood pressure/ vital capacity/ grip strength/ sit and reach/ etc.) and exercise risk evaluation (ECG at rest state / GXT etc.). Strictly control the weight loss process in a healthy and reasonable range, supervise the daily exercise intensity and medical care.


6 Major Curriculum Systems

DFFIT has newly developed “2h+2h+1.5h” training model to improve the efficiency of burning calories and guarantee an ideal weight loss effect. Based on 16-year’s scientific weight loss experience and tens of thousands of students’ weight loss big data, DFFIT has developed 4 major curriculum systems.
Training + activity operation mode, the specific schedule is subject to the actual situation

Fat burning interest

Fat burning group exercise

Self weight fat burning

Power shaping

Functional training

Super recovery


Personalized weight loss diet plan

Make personalized nutrition diet plan for each student based on their individual nutrition data report generated from camp entrance test. Three meals are nutritious home cooking accompanied with yogurt and fresh fruits which will meet students’ requirements during their weight loss process.



Dffit's app provides all users with real-time online weight loss data query, to understand the latest developments and obtain activity information. Students can query the information of entering and leaving the camp, as well as the changes of physical indicators and weight loss data in the camp. Parents can learn about their children's life, weight change, diet and exercise in the training camp through the app, and communicate with teachers in time.


Signed weight loss to guarantee effect

Dffit provides signing guarantee for students, invalid refund, all for giving students a safe choice.
DFFIT will provide students with free lifelong after sales service to help and supervise every student to control weight continuously.
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