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  • 01 A comprehensive inspection of obesity physique

    DF Fit will work out personalized exercise and weight loss plans for students based on an integrated health

    questionnaire, omnibearing physique test and exercise risk evaluation (ECG at rest state / GXT etc.). Strictly control the

    weight loss process in a healthy and reasonable range through supervising the daily exercise intensity and medical

    care. The inspection will also make kids to realize their own physical condition and the harm to their body caused by

    obesity which will truly make them realize the harm of obesity.

    Health questionnaire | A comprehensive inspection of physique| Exercise risk evaluation | Personalized weight loss plan
  • 02 Make weight loss diet plan

    Make scientific weight loss diet plan for each kid based on their individual nutrition data report. DF Fit will guarantee

    the safety and freshness of food by using independent national university procurement channel system accompanied

    with yogurt and fresh fruits and help kids to lose weight based on the premise of balanced diet. Nutritionists will teach

    kids how to have a balanced diet through the explanation of diet plans and cultivate them to acquire knowledge of


    Individual nutrition data report | customized diet | scientific nutrient weight loss diet | extra meal of yogurt and fruits
  • 03 Semi-military management and training

    The semi-military training like one-hour morning military training and house-keeping PK would not only help to build

    up strong will and correct bad shape of kids, but also foster the habits of matching word with actions and strong sense

    of discipline, cultivating the quality of hardworking and obedience. It will also afford kids highly recognition and honor

    and help to improve confidence which will be a valid measure to insure the security during the summer camp.

    Military training | house-keeping competition |singing contest |reporting ceremony
  • 04 Efficient courses of losing weight

    DF Fit will set special teaching methods of school PE classes for teenagers, like swimming, basketball, badminton, etc.

    Efficient courses of losing weight will help kids to lose weight quickly and enjoy sports through abundant and funny

    courses. Cultivating the sports interest and one or two sports skills of kids, DF Fit believes that sports interest is a valid

    method for kids to keep exercise and improve sports scores, and lay a solid physique foundation for further entrance


    Brisk walking | basketball | weight loss group courses | badminton | aerobic setting-up exercise | swimming
  • 05 Gratitude stimulation courses

    The gratitude stimulation courses of DF Fit will last the who summer camp. For many students it’s their first

    experience to go out of home independently and they must go through the process from repulsion to adaption to

    reluctance. There are many items in summer camp require they complete by themselves and only should they have a

    strong mind, be brave to overcome difficulties could they get a real growth. Meanwhile, the summer camp would teach

    them to understand their parents through a series of gratitude courses. Finally, students will express their gratitude and

    miss to their parents through a tearful letter.

    A letter to parents | extreme challenge | mysterious mission
  • 06 Large scale theme activities

    DF summer camp has its own activity team who has organized abundant recreational and sports activities and clubs,

    aiming at improving students’ comprehensive quality morally, mentally and physically and growing up happily

    through encouragement and sharing. For example, the closing ceremony is the biggest activity of DF summer camp

    and the gains and versatility of students would bring parents endless happiness and movement.

    Birthday concert | closing ceremony | fight for the team | weekly award ceremony
  • 07 DF parent academy

    We always believe that the obesity of kids is caused by parents. DF Fit takes the concepts that the real weight loss starts

    after the weight loss camp. Only when parents realize the problems that lead to kids’ obesity could they help kids to

    keep fit. DF parent academy will help parents to fight together with their kids to achieve the goal of losing weight and

    build up a healthy life environment.

    Military training for parents | Weight lose courses experience| DF Fit parents meeting | Achievements reporting
After Sales Service
DF Fit, a weight loss summer camp with a perfect after sales service system, has built up an integrated after sales service system with 15 years experiences, and supervised teaching and service quality strictly.

On camp service:

Our customer service teacher will contact parents and campers in time after the entrance of camp and invite parents and students to grade actual effects according to service experience. Please call our 24-hour hotline freely if any problem and we will help to solve the problem for you and your kids the first time.

Out of camp service:

Each kid will get a personalized detailed post-camp report and post-camp sports and diet plan, regular callback from a national weight control manager, free monthly retraining and DF yearly elite forum. DF Fit is devoted to the weight control of students after camp and becoming a close partner of parents and students.

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